Extending the Functionality of the TENDERBOX System

Extending the Functionality of the TENDERBOX System


TENDERBOX is the most widespread software from the PROEBIZ procurement platform focusing on the electronization of corporate and public procurement processes. It relies on a large team of specialists who pride themselves on providing the user with fast and quality technical or professional support.

How does e-tender work?

BASE Supplier Catalogue

BASE is a shared catalogue of e-qualified suppliers, containing basic supplier information with contacts and product lists, open to all TENDERBOX users. The catalogue is sorted into 21 categories and 153 sub-categories based on the most frequent tenders. The user can select specific suppliers from the catalogue to be contacted or publish their tender to all suppliers in the relevant category. Suppliers are familiar with the rules of PROEBIZ TENDERBOX competitions and receive invitations to tenders of those users who are interested in the offers of suppliers from the BASE catalogue.


Approval of the tender documents, commenting on the evaluated tenders or approval of the result by a competent person. Remote access from the office, tablet, or mobile saves time. Anywhere, anytime.

Qualification and Price Annexes

The functionality will allow the administrator to divide the bid of the participants into parts for separate evaluation, either for the sake of the time sequence of the evaluation steps or for the possibility of evaluating individual parts of the bids separately by different persons or committees.

User Access Management

The wide variety of permission settings for individual administrators provides protection against unwanted interference with colleagues' tendering settings due to inattention.

Catalogue of Items

Storing items with their specifications from tenders in the catalogue with the possibility of subsequent search and filtering is a useful tool for future tenders.

Password Management

A suitable tool for holders of ISO and other similar security certificates.

Electronic Signature

Help with the preparation of electronic signatures and further assistance.

Web Publisher

Provides you with the possibility to publish information about selected competitions on your own website in a graphically customizable form. A suitable tool for continuous improvement of the competitive supply environment.

Individual Terms and Conditions

The user has the possibility to edit, insert and display their own terms and conditions to potential participants already when logging into the eAuction and to request consent to their content. There may be multiple documents with separate consent statements, and information about their valid version is stored over time.

Portal Entrance Screen Facelift

This feature opens the possibility to edit the initial login page to TENDERBOX. It allows you to insert and then change your own home page background. Marketing use of the login screen to reinforce company culture.

Custom Domain Name

If necessary, the user can choose a different domain name for logging into the PROEBIZ TENDERBOX system from the usually used domain name.proebiz.com.

Data Export

The functionality will allow downloading a ZIP file with all data obtained during the tender in a clear structure.