Catalogue of suppliers BASE

Catalogue of suppliers BASE

The most e-qualified suppliers (those who have done eAuctions before) in one place; this is the unique BASE supplier catalogue from PROEBIZ!


The BASE shared catalogue of suppliers benefits those using PROEBIZ eAuctions and other solutions. It is currently the largest catalogue of e-certified suppliers in the Central European market. It includes telephone and email contact details, and product information, and the provider is able to document the history of cooperation between PROEBIZ and its users and each supplier who has given their approval for this. In BASE there are only companies which have agreed with the inclusion and sharing of information.

The catalogue allows companies to track supplier information, product lists, most commonly tendered products, references and comments. It makes it easier for promoters of eAuctions and eInquiries to find and potentially select new suppliers. Each category corresponds to the most frequently implemented groups of eAuctions. Catalogue can be searched by product, category, status and other more advanced filters.

BASE in numbers


1 catalogue with numerous features

3 billion euros annually just in eAuctions

154 categories

1000+ orders daily


User access is usually charged annually. The service without added extras is free for suppliers. Additional paid services are available depending on the ongoing catalogue offer and options.


BASE can be linked to any other PROEBIZ solution used by a client. Customisation is possible depending on the scale of the requirements.

Other Benefits

Suppliers can join the catalogue free of charge and be at the disposal PROEBIZ users. Additional services are available to suppliers who want to receive regular updates on PROEBIZ eAuction tenders and, wherever possible, on public tenders opened in PROEBIZ and other electronic platforms which we monitor.

User Support

Our HOUSTON user support specialists are available for users of BASE as well as its own team for more specialised services.

How to register with BASE


BASE has its own website address where it is possible for suppliers to register and subsequently monitor declared tenders and also to create and modify their own information card, which then serves as a method of presenting themselves to potential clients. BASE is a part of the service of PROEBIZ eAuction software, so may be used by all of its clients.