Expert Procurement Support

Assistance Program

Use PROEBIZ to the full with the help of our Assistance Programme


The Assistance Program (AP) supports eAuction users in how to successfully organise a tender for a given commodity or service by answering questions such as which strategy to use for eAuction negotiations, which type of eAuction to choose, how to formulate a tender and when it is appropriate to use an eAuction. On behalf of a client we can check the settings of a tender and that the suppliers are logged in, and monitor it from beginning to end. Another feature is the provision of access to eAuction templates and the catalogue of suppliers. The Assistance Program is the best way to increase the effectiveness of eAuctions for those customers who are interested in carrying out a higher number of eAuctions and inquiries.

The Assistance Program is a premium service paid for annually depending on the number of administrators and the number of tenders. The costs related to it are usually recouped straight away with the first eAuction.

The Assistance Program utilises support specialists from HOUSTON as well as frontline experts from our client teams and partner network.


Most Requested AP Services



Includes consultations by telephone, email or in person about the choice of negotiation strategy, choice and method of communication with suppliers, choice of eAuction, eAuction specifications, settings of the eAuction hall, and producing and checking tender documentation; and co-operation in preparing and carrying out eAuctions under Public Procurement Law.

Connecting People

When a consultation is required, PROEBIZ can bring together professionals and practitioners who have experience of resolving a situation and can organise a conference call to which a customer is invited to hear the opinions of specialists and ask the necessary questions.

Extended technical support

Includes, amongst other things, programming intervention in the settings of eAuctions, resolving conflicts, dealing with requests for participation, merging duplicate suppliers, helping to prepare electronic signatures, assistance in working with an electronic signatures, tracing emails, and changing the type of eAuction.

Other advantages of our expanded technical support


 Provision of eAuction templates (TEMPLATES)

Verification of eAuction before it is made public

Verification of set-up of eAuction

Verification of eAuction set up within the Public Procurement Act

Finding and selecting suppliers

Contacting suppliers

Supervision of Auction round

Administration of Auction round