Management of Purchase Requirements



„WENDY is a tool that facilitates the management of purchase requirements, starting from their origination on the applicant's side, through commenting, approval, and finally the decision on the implementation strategy. It is created within the PROEBIZ tool platform as a cooperative option with JOSEPHINE or TENDERBOX. WENDY allows you to have all the relevant information about individual purchase requests and the entire approval process in one place.“

Two-stage approval of requests


The dominant functionality of WENDY is the two-stage approval of requests, which can be set up on a tree-branching organization with the ability to quickly adapt to different sizes of institutions or companies. The speed of commenting on requests or approving them allows the use of email notifications.

More information about the WENDY solution

SW WENDY Basic Screens


Or an overview of the essentials, in a clear order of requirements, allowing users to navigate easily.


Have the approval process under your control! In one place, you can easily assign approvers, set importance levels or comment on individual requests.


Large overview of all requirements in one place. Detailed view of the implementation of a request from A to Z, from the applicant to acceptance and subsequent implementation.


Overview of everything that "rustles" in the system". Simple view shows the current status of the request and the subsequent steps in the process.

How it works?


One place

WENDY streamlines the application, approval, and comment processes, archiving individual comments and approvals, including the documents and annexes on which the individual approvers commented. Important information about the tender management process is always accessible and in real time to all authorized personnel.

Users say YES!

We have straightened, simplified, and at the same time unified the process of approving and commenting on purchase requests. The tool can hold an infinite number of requests, as well as a number of users in different roles. Users find their way around WENDY very quickly, and it takes only a very short time — minutes or hours — to get up to speed.

Cooperator - professional support

A user with the authority to create a request has the option of using the expert support of a person in the role of "co-operator"", usually a person from the public or corporate procurement department, who will be able to mentor the user in the creation of the request, its formulation, specification, process set-up, commenting, and approval. Cooperator inputs are archived as part of the request documentation history.

17 Basic Functionalities of WENDY

„Each feature of the system works with the others like the gears in a machine.“

Roles: users work in different roles with configurable permissions

Approval process: two-staged and works with the tailored structure of the organization

Automatic approval according to set rules

Customizable categorization, adapted to the organization's practices

Database of suppliers according to the needs and practices of the organization

Interconnection with systems for the computerization of public procurement (JOSEPHINE)

Connection to the tender tool (TENDERBOX)

Inserting attachments to requests as needed

Applying the custom structure of established forms to the request

Full text search

Export forms and request content to PDF

Detailed history of accesses, changes, insertions, and exports

Documentation of the decision showing how the solution to the requirement was selected

The ability to see at what stage of the process the request is currently

Clear, user-friendly, and intuitive dashboard

Easy cooperation of staff in the implementation of the request

Email notifications of the status of a request or call to action