Sale eAuctions

Sale eAuctions

Sale eAuctions


One of the options how you can assess unnecessary assets and stocks, sell movables and real estate in an easy, safe and transparent way. In the current situation, when a large part of personal contacts have moved to the online environment, electronic auctions are the ideal and actually the most advantageous solution. Their use is a proven way to assess assets for sale quickly and easily.


Examples of conducted sale eAuctions


sale of collections

sale of pallets

sale of equipment (tractor, flatbed, excavator, crane)

sale of racks

sale of iron, aluminum and metal scrap

sale of oil

sale of wagons, tanks and locomotives

sale of pressed PET bottles for recycling

sale of electric motors, pipes and wires

sale of machinery, tools and gauges


sale of land and building plots

sale of trolleybuses

sale of cars / car fleet

lease of agricultural land

rental of real estate, municipal apartments and non-residential premises

sale and rental of vacation properties

 sale of found items

rental of stalls and sale areas during holiday markets


“We have many years of experience with sales eAuctions and they have been used but hundreds of our clients. Some of them run eAutions by themselves, some of them are happy to use our services.”

Peter Mikuláš
Country manager

Comprehensive service eAuction sales


We are ready to provide a comprehensive service connected with the sale of property itself in the form of an eAuction or we can cooperate on realization. Then we would take over the communication with the candidates, enter the subject, set up and administer the sale and create a comprehensive documentation after completion.

„If you do not need to sell anything at the moment but think about a purchasing eAction, we are ready to help.“
Iam interested in purchasing eAuction PROEBIZ TENDERBOX


Our motto here at NAR is “We Love eAuctions!” This is why I enjoy my work here, and without going too over the top, it’s something like my vocation :) In eAuctions and the digitalisation of procurement generally I can see the future.
Tomáš Trenkler
Tomáš Trenkler
We’ve got a great team here and what we do, in a certain way, is to fight corruption by making procurement transparent, which is motivating for me and I know that I’m doing the right thing.
Marian Gałuszka
Marian Gałuszka
The best thing about working at NAR is my colleagues. We have a great team spirit, especially because people from several different countries work here and all get along well. I enjoy teaching English here, but it's also interesting for me because I can learn new things myself.
Marek Pieter, FinYes s.r.o.